Paul On Trial Chapter 15

Paul advocated celibacy. Jesus advocated becoming a eunuch for the kingdom of God’s sake.

1 Corinthians 7:7-9 “For I would that all men were even as myself. But every man has his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. I say therefore to the unmarried and the widows, it is good for them to abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.”

Notice that Paul advocated to everyone. “All men” and “the unmarried” covers everybody except those already married. Jesus only advocates being a eunuch to those men who are able to receive it.

Matthew 19:10-12 “His disciples say unto him, if the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry. But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there be some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, that have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”

Such wisdom! All the scandal in the Catholic church because of supposedly celebate priests, who couldn’t contain themselves and sinned. If they had become eunuchs as Jesus commanded, none of that would have happened. And such a blessing to so many others who want freedom from sin.

Neither Jesus or Paul made a practice of baptizing people. They had their disciples do it. However Jesus commanded to baptize only living people. Paul spoke of people being baptized FOR THE DEAD!

John 4:2 “Though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples.”

1 Corinthians 1:17 “For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.”

1 Corinthians 15:29 “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?”

Notice that Paul was neither condemning or discouraging this practice. If that is God’s Word then your church better start baptizing people for the dead, otherwise you are rebellious sinners. If that is God’s Word, and being baptized for the dead gets them out of hell and into heaven; then if you get baptized for Judas Iscariot or Adolph Hitler, they get out of hell and go to heaven. This is against the entire Bible. A house divided against itself shall fall. It is heresy.

Jesus and Paul differ as to the meaning of baptism. Jesus taught the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins, the same as John the Baptist. Paul taught baptism as being the death of the old man of sin and the resurrection of the new man.

Matthew 3:6,11 “And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins.I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that comes after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.”

Mark 1:4 “John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.”

John 3:22-23 “After these things came Jesus and his disciples into the land of Judaea; and there he tarried with them, and baptized. And John also was baptizing in Aenon near to Salim, because there was much water there: and they came and were baptized.”

John 4:1-2 “When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, (though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples,)”

Mark 16:16 “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned.”

Paul taught that women shall be saved in child bearing. Jesus taught that women shall be saved by believing on him.

1 Timothy 2:13-15 “For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the trans gression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity with holiness and sobriety.”

So am I to believe that every woman who does not bear a child goes straight to hell? And every virgin girl also goes straight to hell? Paul said women shall be saved in childbearing. Don’t try to defend him. Don’t go to other versions of the Bible or to Greek dictionaries. If you do, you are only re-writing the Bible to say what you want it to say, just as Jehovah’s Witnesses do. The King James Bible is correct. Just accept what the Bible says and see it for what it is. This is false doctrine. It cannot be the Word of God.

Did you notice what else Paul said? “Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” So Adam was innocent? Eve was deceived, but Adam had his eyes wide open. Adam’s sin was far worse than Eve’s. Adam knowingly rebelled against God’s commandment and ate of the very same fruit as Eve did. Adam’s sin caused the fall of the entire human race. Sin and death have been passed down to every single human being, including you and me. Jesus Christ had to come and be crucified to remedy Adam’s sin. Paul said the woman was in the transgression? If only Eve had eaten that fruit, the human race would not have fallen. The fall was caused by Adam alone. Paul is full of false doctrine. And Paul blames the woman and says she can only be saved in childbearing! This is ridiculous. I am ashamed to say that I used to be so blind that I thought Paul was the greatest Christian who ever lived, and that his doctrine was infallible. I was taught that in church and Bible College. I was taught lies.

Paul taught that women are to remain silent in church. Are you seeing a common thread through all of this? Paul is very anti-woman. He treats them at best, as second class citizens; at worst, as servants. Maybe this explains why he was not married and urged his followers not to marry.

I’ll tell you what. Jesus Christ is very pro-women. Jesus had many women following him in his entourage company. Paul had zero in his. Jesus allowed Mary to sit at his feet and hear his words. Mary was allowed to kiss his feet and to wash them with her tears and to dry them with her hair. It was Mary who anointed his head with costly perfume ointment in preparation for his burial and “Verily I say unto you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she has done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her,” (Mark 14:9).

Ask the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, or Mary the mother of Jesus if he is pro-woman. The very first person to see Jesus after his resurrection was Mary Magdalene, and this same Mary was sent by Jesus to give the very first gospel message.

How very opposite Paul is from Jesus. Paul is not like Jesus at all. So Paul taught that women were to remain silent in church, and it is not permitted for them to speak. The woman is not to teach or to usurp authority over a man. According to Paul all women pastors and teachers like Joyce Meyers are rebellious sinners. All pastors wives or singers or children’s church workers or helps ministry or any other woman, are ALL rebellious sinners because they dare to speak words at church, and do not wait to ask their husband at home what it all meant.

Every single church I’ve been to rejects this and rebels against it by not obeying it. They usually explain it away as being a custom of Paul’s time and not for us today. EXCUSE ME!!! If this is God’s Word, then it is a commandment for all eternity! If this is God’s Word then you are rebellious sinners and in danger of going to hell! Show me ONE place where Jesus, John, Peter, James, or Jude EVER taught a custom that we must obey AND that can become obsolete or outdated. Open your eyes and see that what Paul wrote is not God’s Word.

1 Corinthians 14:34-35 “Let your women keep silent in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also says the law. And if they learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak at church.”

All you women who speak in church SHAME ON YOU! It is a shame for women to speak in church. According to Paul women are to be silent at church. NOT ONE SINGLE WORD FROM START TO FINISH!

1 Timothy 2:11-12 “Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach or usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

Jesus on the other hand appeared first to a woman and sent her to give the VERY FIRST gospel message, and that to the APOSTLES!

John 20:14-18 “And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus. Jesus said unto her, woman why do you weep? whom do you seek? She supposing him to be the gardener, said unto him, Sir, if you have borne him hence, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away. Jesus said unto her, Mary. She turned herself and said unto him, Rabboni: which is to say, Master. Jesus said unto her, Touch me not: for I am not yet ascended unto my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that he had spoken these things unto her.”