About the author


I have been an evangelical Christian since January of 1980. I graduated from Bible College in 1983, and have since then spent a large portion of the past 34 years serving God in mostly volunteer capacities. I have travelled to and lived in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico, and the Philippines to do missionary work. I have also spent four years travelling as a street preacher in the United States.

I have hungered to know a deeper level of Christian experience, to live as closely to the doctrine and the commands of Jesus Christ as is humanly possible. This has led me to tens of thousands of hours of reading, studying, and meditating upon God’s Word during the past 37 years.

I presently live in Florida. I help elderly people, I feed needy people in my community, I share my faith, and I dedicate the remainder of my time to writing. I am also the dad to two beautiful cats, Ben Ben and William.