I Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven


I am really looking forward to getting to heaven. I hear others around me planning vacations and trips with such excitement and longing. Those kinds of trips don’t excite me much any longer. I’m excited about the BIG move and the BIG trip. People all seem to dread death both for themselves and for loved ones. I can understand that they don’t have any real hope, and that is why they are this way. Professing Christians talk of heaven, but it isn’t real to them, because they still dread and fear death.

I LOOK FORWARD to the day of my departure from this sin filled world. Unlike those around me, this earth is not my home. I consider myself to be in exile here, imprisoned, and separated from my country and home. I do not enjoy my stay here either. This world is not a good place. There is way too much suffering, inequality, hatred, poverty, disease, heartache, broken promises, ruined relationships, selfishness, and much more misery as well. There is nothing to keep me here or to draw my attention for long. This world is a foreign country to me and one that I just don’t like.

I feel trapped among a bunch of foreigners who speak a language as strange as Russian or Chinese. The customs are weird and offensive to me. I long for the beautiful city that is my home. The gates of the city are each from a single giant mother of pearl. The walls are built upon twelve foundations of precious jewel stones. The streets are made of transparent gold, and all the houses are mansions. In the midst of the city is the palace and throne of the great king. All of the inhabitants of the city are my very own family members. I will live in my beloved homeland for all eternity and I will never again die or even shed a tear. I will worship my beloved God and Savior forever and ever and ever.

Acting Up 24x20

So tell me, why should I want to stay on this earth any longer? In comparison to my eternal home, this world is a garbage heap. It stinks of sin here and the atmosphere is charged with fear, lust, pain, and violence. Death is ever present to visit the unprepared and the unsuspecting. I am hated by the inhabitants of this world because they hate my Master and I remind them of him. I have freely given away my belongings because I don’t want the riches of this world. They are inferior in quality to the true riches that are stored up for me in heaven. I don’t need the counterfeit goods when the true riches await me upon my arrival home.

Why desire a world filled with death and misery, when a dazzling, perfect, love-filled world awaits me when I draw my final breath? I am nobody here, but I am well known over there. I am hated and despised here on earth, but I am loved and cherished in heaven. I am poor here below, but I am rich beyond all measure up above. My body is aging and decaying here in this world, but I have a new body waiting for me there which is about 30 years of age, in perfect condition, and which will never change, or experience sickness or disease. This world is a place of sorrow and heartache, but heaven is full of joy and bliss.


You can plan your trips abroad and enjoy your vacations all that you like. I will still be planning my trip back home. You see, my Lord is returning for me someday and he is going to carry me home. So I am watching and waiting for his return. He may come in 2 minutes, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or 10 years from now. He clearly said that no man knows the day or the hour of his return. He warned that I am to be awake and sober when he arrives, ready to greet him. He said that if I lived a sinful life that he would leave me behind when he comes back. So I choose to live a holy life in his employ and service.

Heaven is a real place. It is there right now only presently hidden by the eyes of flesh. Once this body of flesh is cast off, heaven will be clearly seen in all it’s splendor and glory. People lose sight of it because they get so caught up in worldly things that their spiritual sight has grown dim. But I see her glory and majesty shining brightly as the noonday sun on a hot summer day. I can catch drifts of smells and odors. There are fragrances of of flowers, precious perfumes and spices, kingly incense, and rich foods. I catch the sounds of singing and laughter, praises and prayers. As I close my eyes and meditate upon these things, I can experience my heavenly home and enjoy it’s exquisite beauty, smells, and sounds.

Oh Why would I spend my time looking at the things of this fallen world, when I can behold my home both near and far away? I have only to divert my sight from this present world and spend my time looking at heaven. It only takes a little bit of practise and the necessary skills are perfected. You have them as well as I do, but maybe you haven’t used yours in so long that your spiritual senses have grown dusty and dim. But I repeat, Heaven is real and I may add, that you would spend your time well preparing yourself for the journey ahead. Don’t be caught unready to go.


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven

  1. Oh My Lord,..
    Oh for the day of return! It is an ongoing unrelenting prayer for me as well. I cannot fathom wanting not to see Him,and not seeing heaven with Elohim watching over us. His glory is so wonderful,and worthy of praise from those who know Him,and has called on Him. To have our names written down in the Book of Life,and our sins forgiven and forgotten,as we strive daily on this planet walk CIRCUMSPECTLY! Thank you LORD! Thank you for giving your life that I may be spared to live with you in eternity. Yes,I definitely look forward to being home with My Father! I don’t want to be here. For being left here means eternal condemnation. There’s no life without Christ. Choose ye this day, of whom you will serve. I choose my Lord!!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you Melindee. As far as I’m concerned I’m ready to go right now. This earth has been a place of heartache, suffering, pain, and unrealized dreams for me. Now, as some of my lifelong dreams begin to come to pass, I still would exchange it in a heartbeat to see Jesus face to face. God Bless you Melindee. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Lord strengthen you in your trials. I will be praying for you. Cancer is more a state of mind than a physical disease. Meaning that it is how you deal with it mentally and emotionally that matters, regardless of the physical outcome. If you are victorious inwardly, then you have won! I support you in your battle! “Be strong and courageous because the Lord your God is with you!”


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