Is Life A Gift?

By Greg Robbins  ( e-mail: )

Jesus Words Doctrine


Everyone today, it seems, tells us that life is a gift. That we are to treasure every moment of life and to enjoy it to the fullest. There are all of the stickers announcing “Life is good!” Personally I’m not so sure that it is.  In my opinion, people who haven’t a clue as to the true meaning of life, are always attempting to convince themselves and others that life is good. I didn’t create myself or even ask to be born. Life just happened to me.

What I’m getting at is this. Life is a combination of happy moments with a HUGE amount of pain, heartache, and suffering included with it. I have suffered with chronic fatigue since I was about 24 years of age. I feel that my youth especially was stolen from me, a normal youth, that is. Even to this day I am limited as to…

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