The Heart Of The Matter


By Greg Robbins  ( e-mail: )

I hear over and over today people say, “Only God knows my heart”. That is simply a false statement. The people who say this are blind to what is in their OWN heart. Actually anyone who cares to be observant knows what is in your heart. Jesus said that from the heart proceed evil thoughts, adultery, lying, stealing, murder, hatred, and every other evil thing too. Well if that is so, and it is, then all good things also proceed from the heart.

So anyone who observes carefully what you do and say will clearly see by your actions and words what you are on the inside, that is, your heart. I remember on one occasion while I was a taxi driver in California, that I was speaking to a Christian taxi driver. Another driver parked next to us and the Christian taxi driver said to him, “Greg is a Christian”. The other driver said, “Well if he is, he certainly isn’t a very good example of one”. That was entirely true at that point in time. He wasn’t deceived. He saw my words and actions and knew that I couldn’t be what he perceived a Christian to be. He didn’t judge me, but my words and actions.


Jesus also said that a tree is known by it’s fruit. A tree that produces mangos and only mangos is a mango tree. It is apparent to everyone that the heart of this tree is mango because they can see, smell, touch, and taste the mango fruit that it produces. How ridiculous for someone to say, “I don’t know what kind of tree this is, so lets not call it a mango tree. Only God can judge what kind of tree this is”. Or even worse the mango tree itself says, “Only God knows my heart. You are being judgemental by calling me a mango tree. Do not judge unless you be judged”. And yet people twist the scriptures all of the time and they do this very thing.

When people see you commit adultery they are right to say that you are an adulterer. They are not judging you but the fruit that you produces. Jesus commanded us to do this type of judgement. Proverbs calls this discernment. It is a part of wisdom to discern the fruit of those around you. How can you possibly separate yourself from wicked people and be righteous unless you look at the fruit that each person produces and call it what it is. The USA just went through a presidential election and the Democrats would not call Islamic Extremists by that name. The Republican candidate Donald Trump, who won the election, said that we must identify and call Islamic Extremists what they are. That before the terrorist problem could be dealt with effectively we must call it what it is.


The reason that people who claim to be Christian and live openly in sin continue to do so, is that they will not identify their sinful behavior and call it what it is. Until you call YOURSELF what you are you will not repent and seek the Lord for a true transformation in your life. If you have sex with someone other than your spouse, I have news for you, you are an adulterer or an adulteress. If you kill people you are a murderer. If you take things that do not belong to you then you are a thief. If you tell lies then you are a liar. If you tell trashy stories about other people then you are a gossip.

You need to be honest with yourself and identify your sinful behavior for what it is, and then repent of it and seek the Lord diligently in prayer until he grants you freedom from doing it. Sin will kill you unless you kill it first. Read the last page of the Bible and Jesus will promise you that all liars. sorcerers, adulterers, thieves, and other sinful people will not enter the kingdom of heaven but will be cast outside of it. So get busy and seek the Lord for freedom from all sinful behavior. Get your heart involved in this and stir yourself up.


Is it judgemental to call this animal a cat? And to say that it has black hair and green eyes, Is that judgemental? Or is it merely making observations of what your eyes tell you? And to determine that this is indeed a black cat with green eyes, can I but deduce that this animal also has the nature or heart of a cat? To see the outward proof that this is a cat is enough to know that this animal will meow, hunt mice, purr, like milk, love to eat fish, desire to be petted, and follow it’s master around. In other words, I know it’s heart by knowing what it is and thereby also knowing what it’s heart nature is. This cat cannot hide it’s nature from me and therefore it cannot hide what is in it’s heart. A cat is a cat. It may be a good cat, a bad cat, a shy cat, a bold cat, a gentle cat, or a mean cat; but it never stops being a cat in it’s heart and having the nature of a cat.

So open your eyes to the fact that what is in your heart will be known and seen by everyone around you. Be honest in your assessment of your own heart, know yourself for who and what you are. Then accept it as being real and true. A good look at yourself in the mirror of truth will bring about repentance not to be repented of. For this very reason God has made the law of Moses and the law of the Kingdom of God, introduced and taught by Jesus Christ himself. So that we can compare ourselves to the perfect law of God, and see how far short we fall from completing it. This brings conviction of our sinful behavior, and true repentance that causes a true conversion to take place within our heart. Then a paradigm shift will take place in our thoughts, words, and actions.



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