True And False Disciples


By Greg Robbins  ( e-mail: )

In America and the western world there is a false version of Christianity being presented. I prefer to call myself a disciple of Jesus rather than to call myself a Christian. The reason is simple. The term Christian today immediately conjures up the thought of the false version of it being presented. Christianity today is little more than a shell of its true self. To be a Christian you only need to pray the sinners prayer and possibly be baptised. You are expected to faithfully attend church services, read your Bible and pray for at least 10 minutes a day, pay your tithes, invite people to your church, and do a little volunteer work. If you do these things and stop many of the grosser sins, you can be considered a Christian in good standing with your church.


True Christianity can be found in the pages of the New Testament. Part of the recipe found there requires giving up all your possessions, leaving your family, going to preach the gospel to all of the world, and suffering persecution. The American and western world version of Christianity lacks all of these ingredients. So how could we possibly hope to have true Christians when the instructions are not followed to the letter. Even when missionaries do these things they do not live by faith as Jesus did, but they raise support money before they go on the mission field. Doing what appears to be good while using mans methods does not make it Christianity.


These are the true Christians today. These brave men lost their possessions, their family, were imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded by the “peaceful” Muslims, because they were Christians and they refused to convert to Islam by threat of death. These men are with Jesus today and have received their reward of eternal salvation that the Lord has promised to those who love him, and who remain faithful unto death.

When the Christianity of these men is compared to the American version, we see clearly that the American version is sadly lacking and it is false. For Christianity to work, it requires sacrifice and suffering. People who live in peaceful societies do not take Christianity seriously. They think God just wants to bless them and to prosper them. They become weak, worldly, and seek pleasure and riches.


There is persecution available for those who preach on the streets. These bold souls who take the command of Jesus seriously to preach the gospel, place themselves in a position where they will receive verbal persecution. I believe that God takes all things into consideration. America has become a society of wimps and cowards. So the verbal persecution that the street preachers receive in our society is comparable to the imprisonment and death suffered by Christians in other societies. I believe that God takes into account the society and the culture in which we live. It is difficult indeed to be a street preacher in America today.



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