This website is mainly for a book that I wrote called, “Paul On Trial”. The book deals with all of the differences between what Jesus taught and what Paul taught. Over time I began to see that nearly everything that Paul taught is totally contrary to what Jesus taught. Paul didn’t quote what Jesus said, nor did he teach his doctrine. I finally came to the realization that I had to make a choice between Paul or Jesus.

If I obey and follow Paul’s doctrine, then I have to disobey and NOT follow Jesus’ doctrine. They are like oil and water because they do not mix. It’s like the east and the west, and never the two shall meet.

So I decided to place Paul on trial, using only the King James Bible as a reference and as a source of information. The evidence is all contained in the King James Bible itself. The charge against Paul is that of being a false apostle. The book goes over all of the evidence that I have gathered. I have done my best to be fair about the entire thing.

I also make frequent posts on my blog page section. You are invited to visit and to submit comments. My only desire is to get this information out to as many people as possible. The modern Church has abandoned the teaching and commands of Jesus Christ. They are now founded upon the teaching and commands of the Apostle Paul.

I believe that my principle ministry is to call people back to Jesus.